About Me

A BIG Warm Welcome to my ‘about’ page I invite you to learn more about me.

Hi! I am Hayley Lloyd Wilkins The Pro Skin Health Coach.

I am the founder of the  MBS* LifeStyle Brand.

 *Mind Wellness ~ Body Confidence ~ SkinSmart.

Who am I?

I am bold, raw, and real* with added kindness, compassion and love.  I am forever growing and evolving my self~awareness muscle so I can show up and  be my unique real best version of myself! I am a work in progress and I wholeheartedly accept and embrace that’s good enough for today! There is always space for self~improvement, self awareness, growth and evolvement, supported by kindness, compassion and love for myself.





I am vibrant, bright and energetic with a compassionate and harmonious  heart. My values are around  keeping it real, being honest, transparent, leading by example and walking my talk. I like to ‘Say it as it is’….. and I do have my own unique vocabulary of ‘Hayleyims’!! 

What is my purpose?

To help, support, encourage, teach, advise, coach and mentor women on how to Love,  Live and Experience more Peace, Contentment, Harmony and Freedom around Work/Life/Health and ultimately Loving the Skin they are in through Skin Confidence.  

This is a journey of 




I support women on a Bespoke Skin, Health and Lifestyle Journey to Self~Love and onto experience Real Freedom!

I look forward to connecting and working with you.

Please join me in my facebook group and get to know me  ~ Love YourSelf to Love YourLife here https://www.facebook.com/groups/loveyourselftoloveyourlife/

Happy, healthy blessings.


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