About Me

A BIG Warm Welcome to my ‘about’ page I invite you to learn more about me.

Hi! I am Hayley Lloyd Wilkins, 

I am the founder of the  MBS* LifeStyle Brand and I am The MBS Real~Life Health Coach and Mentor.

 *Mind Wellness ~ Body Confidence ~ SkinSmart.

Who am I?

I am honest, raw and real*, consistently working at being my unique real best version of myself! I am a work in progress and I wholeheartedly accept and embrace that’s good enough for today! There is always space for self~improvement, self awareness, growth and evolvement, supported by kindness and compassion for myself.





I am vibrant, bright and energetic with a compassionate and harmonious  heart. My values are around  keeping it real, being honest, transparent, leading by example and walking my talk.

What is my purpose?

To help, support, encourage, teach, advise, coach and mentor women on how to live and find work/life/optimum health  harmony. Achieve success on their terms and to experience abundance in ALL areas of their lives.   Ultimately to journey them to have a healthy, happy, contented  relationship with themselves through self~care mastery, unconditional self~love, self approval and self compassion. 

How do I achieve this? 

The MBS Lifestyle Brand is a  show~case of my entrepreneurial business journey. See below my different  platforms. 

1 Real~Life Coaching and Mentoring in Self~Care, Health and Business. 

2 The MBS Expert Skin and Lifestyle Consultancy

This is my business success model that has enabled me an abundant business and work/harmony for 19 years. 

This is where I have practiced Mindful, Holistic Beauty through Expert Bespoke Skin Treatments that are unique Face2Face, hands on connection with my clients. LifeStyle Consultations, Bespoke Expert Skin Treatments and supplier of  Advanced Skin Care Products. This is the keeping it real foundations a proven success business model for The Expert Business Academy. This is the space where I share and teach what really works from a place of experience, wisdom and walking my talk from  25+ years in the Skin, Holistic and Health arena.

This is a simple overview of my Business Success Path which is the foundations I teach from.

* How to attract the right calibre of clients that support you and the type of business you offer.

* How to realistically get a consistent flow of new clients into your business ~ that become regulars, loyal to receiving regular monthly treatments and investing in courses of advanced skin treatments and purchase retail only from you.

* Customer retention ~ crucial for your business success. This is your foundations to building a flourishing and thriving business that is successful and that makes a profit!

* How to sell/retail/recommend your products with confidence, ease, grace and flow. I know this can be a huge challenge for many Therapists but I’m here to support and assure you it doesn’t have to be this way!  There is another way that is more joyful and that will bring you financial abundance,  that will massively improve and positively impact your retail revenue.

* How to sell your products at the RRP without compromising your profit.

* Learn how to master the power of Added Value. 

* How to increase your prices, charge your worth for your services, bring awareness to your own personal money story that maybe standing in your way of attracting abundance into your business ~ this knowledge is very powerful.

* The most important business tool is your mindset, self awareness and your relationship with your own Self~Care  ~ The relationship you have with yourself! The Lifestyle Academy focuses on all aspects of this. 

3 The MBS LifeStyle Brand ~ Supports two Membership Academy’s.

*The MBS Business  Academy is a monthly low (£25) cost fee paying coaching and mentoring master mind group for Skin Therapists.

The MBS Business  Academy has been created and designed for the specific needs of Expert Skin Therapists. It unites Expert Skin Therapists together for support, community, friendship, inspiration, motivation, education, business support and development, personal growth and evolvement.

* The MBS Lifestyle Academy ~ teaches women crucial life style habits, how to master Self~Care and how to experience Self~Love and a women’s real freedom! 

The foundation is built on blending lifestyle, self care rituals and habits with business/life harmony and success. Ultimately how to experience health, happiness and abundance in ALL areas of life.

A successful lifestyle and business starts with the relationship you have with yourself.

It is my mission is to build a tribe of  Ambassadors of the MBS LifeStyle Brand that specialise in Self Care and Bespoke Expert Skin Treatments. 

My Experiences

My personal and business experiences that support me in my life and business.

  • I can’t believe! just how many years I have been working in all aspects of Beauty, Holistic’s and LifeStyle. Which means I have connected, supported, treated and helped many women!(100’s!!)
  • The joy of owning a flourishing and thriving Skin Care consultancy business model which I personally work in still, so I am walking my talk and leading by example. I am a Dermalogica Skin Expert, Dermalogica Circle Member since 2103 and a Key Account.
  • I am Thankful to have worked and trained with many top skin care brands. The sales training was amazing.
  • I am Grateful for the teams of staff I have managed and worked with, what a learning and what fabulous experiences!
  • I am Blessed to have invested financially for many years in myself around personal and business development, health and well being AND continue too!
  • I am certified Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Plus I have studied and continue to study advanced coaching skills.

The most important and valuable attribute is I work at leading by example and walk my talk….but keeping it real!

I am very passionate about my purpose in life and to fuel this I continue to strive to update, educate, grow and personally evolve so I can be of service in all areas of my life and business.

My latest investment in myself is Coaching with one of  Brendon Burchard’s Certified High Performance Coaches. This is a year long investment learning about High Performance Habits and Living a Charged Life!

“My most profound life experiences, learnings and change has come from what we all experience over time ….life and all of it’s challenges that shape us into who we are today”!

“In times of great change….change naturally evokes loss the only way through this is with unconditional self love via self care”.

When we experience challenging times allow space and grace in, to allow God to do his work!

I love to connect with other like minded women ~ I invite you to reach out to arrange a chat.

Click here to Contact me

Please join me for my Keeping it Real Facebook Live Chit~Chats HERE.

Sending out happy, healthy blessings.

Hayley Lloyd Wilkins

The MBS Real~Life Health Coach and Mentor



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