MBS Mindset and Business Mentoring for Expert Skin Therapists.

“Achieving YOUR purpose, desires, goals and dreams in ALL areas of your life requires regular reassessment and making changes”

Are you at a time in your life or business where you need support, clarity and direction to help you take smart action to move things forward?

Are you willing to change the way you think to allow yourself to change the way you think, live and work so you can support your goals, dreams and desires?

Are your ready to step up and out of your ‘normal’ and take a view from this new place and then take that leap of faith to expand your horizons?

Are you open to stretch, grow and evolve and create a new vision?

Are your ready to move forward to achieve the life and business you desire with awareness, expectancy and possibility?

Allow yourself to imagine having an experienced Mindset and Business Mentor with 30 years in the Beauty, Holistic, Wellness and LifeStyle arena to support you, your live and your business. That walks her talk and still has a thriving business model as an example. That also continues to update, educate, grow, self~improve and evolve so she can be of service to other Expert Skin Therapists.

The MBS Business and  Lifestyle Solutions Program is Six Month Bespoke Journey to Facilitate Change and Transformation to Reveal Your Unique Best Healthiest Self! To experience Work/Life Harmony on your terms and to receive abundance in ALL areas of your life.

You know it’s time for change and to re-evaluate yourself and your lifestyle.

Are you stuck in a low energy, unfulfilling place and you have been for far to long?  Is life passing you by and you realise it’s time to do something?  You are also aware that with the right support, advice and encouragement that the life you desire and so much more resides on the other side of change but the idea of change brings feels of fear?  

Is this you?

1 Your health isn’t at its optimum.

2 You are struggling to let go and release excess weight.

3 You are confused around healthy food choices.

4 You are struggling to find time to exercise and to find one that you enjoy.

5 Your confidence, self esteem, energy and inspiration for life is low.

6 You often experience overwhelm, over busyness, stress, anxiety and feel depleted.

7 You can’t find quality time and space out for yourself. 

You can see that shining light, but require support and accountability to embrace it!  Are YOU ready to follow it and  invest in your

1 Unique real, true best self?

2 Version of high level wellness?

3 Graceful release of excess weight?

4 Healthy eating plan that supports hydrating, nurturing and nourishing your best self?

5 Ideal exercise that motivates, energises and supports your best self?

6 Daily self care habits and rituals that support  you to experience your healthiest, happiest and contented  relationship with your best self?

The MBS Business and  Lifestyle Solutions Program is a six month journey consisting of two one hour sessions per month. 

If you are ready to take action around your healthiest, happiest best you and to achieve  Business and Lifestyle harmony. I would be delighted to invite you to contact me to arrange a complimentary lifestyle assessment to see if this is the correct journey for you. 

Please contact me here

Extra Mindset and Business Mentoring Services ~ below.

1Your Bespoke Lifestyle and Business MOT 1 hour session.

1 Are you stuck or bored with a specific area of your life or business?

2 Are you struggling to keep your existing clients and attract new ones?

3 Are you feeling knackered, scattered and shattered most days and don’t know how to move forward?

4 Are you at a crossroads in your life or business and need a new direction?

5 Would you like more revenue plus a way of working less hours?

6 Are you a new business needing some advice and support?

The solution

I will take your number one challenge

*Break it down and get clarity.

*Find a solution

*Create an action plan designed specifically for you and your challenge so you can gracefully work through it and move on to mind clarity and peace.

Your MOT investment includes all the above £125.

2Your Bespoke Full Service 2 hour session.

This is perfect for business owners that have been in business for a while and are looking for change, clarity and direction.

  • New ideas in all areas of your business.
  • A price review and increase.
  • Team management.
  • Review of services.
  • An injection of inspiration, motivation and fresh energy into your business.
  • Selling with grace and integrity.
  • New business.
  • Bespoke lifestyle solutions to support your best self, business and  life.

The Solution

I will undertake a full critique of your current business, your mindset around your business and your lifestyle.  Then together we will create a personalised plan designed for you, your life and your individual business requirements. A clear schedule of goals, time~lines, actions and how to implement and take to completion.  

Your Full Service investment includes all the above £295.

Your Next Move….Contact me here for an informal chat to assess which level of service you, your life and your business requires.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Hayley Lloyd Wilkins.

MBS Mindset and Business Mentor.

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