The Expert Business Academy

The Expert Business Academy is NOW open to join for 24 hours ONLY ~ Membership closes 30th June 2018.

This is Time Sensitive and a One Off Special Offer ~ This will NOT Be Available Again in The Future!

Click on the PayPal button at the bottom of this page to join now!

Who is it for? ~ anyone from the Therapist at home alone to salon owner plus everyone working towards an Expert Skin Therapist mindset and attitude for business success but without comprising your health, well~being and life!

The purpose ~ to educate and raise the profile of Expert Skin Therapists. To become the Expert to~go~to in your area.

What you get..

Real business support that you can implement into your business and start to see results ~ now!

~ Accountability around your standards of practice, working smart, taking action and implementation to achieve your goals, dreams and desires.

~Monday motivational live video training/educational, motivational, self development, self improvement.

~Business tips and ideas from myself, the MBS Expert Brand Ambassadors and the other members.

~Group coaching around challenges and solutions.

~Support, encouragement and celebration from other like minded Expert Skin therapists.

~Access to my Business Success model that is also proving extremely successful to other Therapists. This shows you how to 

1 Grow and understanding your business.

2 Clarity around your figures, revenue and profit.

3 Creative Goal Setting and Time Management.

4 How to effectively increase your prices in alignment with your self~worth, experience and knowledge.

5 How to confidently stand in your power and charge RRP for your products.

6 How to attract New Clients and  the Right Calibre of Client into your business that becomes loyal, only purchases retail off you and regularly invests in courses of treatments.

The most valuable advice I can share with you from a place of walking my talk and experience is for you to Learn How to Be Your Unique Real Best Version of You. There are many Life skills I will teach you but the Number one most crucial Life Skill is Self~Care the relationship you have with yourself. I will teach you how to master this ~ then you will experience massive positive shifts in ALL areas of you life!

Therefore to stress the importance of this I have created a separate group to facilitate this training ~ The MBS LifeStyle Academy. 

SPECIAL OFFER ~ Just for Therapists in this group.

When you sign up and join The Expert Business Academy you will have complimentary membership of The MBS Lifestyle Academy ~ 2 for 1!!! (Normally £25 for each Academy ~ YOU will only invest £25 each month with access to both.)

Most importantly you will master Lifestyle, Self~Care and Well~Being skills that are specifically designed to support The Expert Skin Therapist.

~ In the Lifestyle Academy I will show you how to experience work~life harmony whilst working smart and experiencing abundance in ALL areas of your life.

~I will teach you how to tune into your MBS* connection

~Mind Wellness ~ how to have a healthy mindset and attitude. The ultimate business and life success tool.

~Body Confidence ~ how to have a healthy and confident approach to your body and image.

~ SkinSmart ~ a deeper understanding around the largest organ of your body. How to hydrate, nurture and nourish it from the inside out.

~I teach you Self~ care over everything ~ this is about having a healthy relationship with yourself. This is the foundations of a happy, contented, successful and healthy life! 

How to join ~ The fee is £25 each month. Set up as a reoccurring monthly payment through PayPal which you can cancel at any time.

1 Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Click on the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.

2 You will get an email to say we have received your payment.

3 I will send you a link to join the Academy. 

I can’t wait for you to join us ~ This investment is the moment YOU, Your business and Your life changed for ever!

Happy, healthy blessings.

Hayley Lloyd Wilkins

The MBS Real~Life Health Coach

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