“Hayley is a brilliant, vibrant person who energises the room when she walks in. She knows her stuff and can provide the facts and figures when needed. I would recommend anyone using Hayley for her services.”

Laura Morris

I have been using Hayley's services for almost 20 years for my facials & body treatments.  Wherever she went I followed and therefore I was delighted when she began her own business as I have trust in her abilities to offer my skin the best possible treatment as I grow older.

Her innovative methods bring great results to my skin using the new techniques Dermalogica create which have amazing effects with regards to reducing lines and firmness.

She is knowledgeable about not just the outside view but of the importance of what is inside, giving good sound advise regarding diet and changes for a stress free life.

Would highly recommend her services to women who are looking for a healthy lifestyle incorporating an effective beauty regime.

Lisa Wheeler

You would go a long way to find a more genuine, kind, open, lady, with a wicked sense of humour!!!!
Her passion is amazing, and this shows in my skin. It is radiant, with a lovely even tone and a luminosity I've never had before. 
The facials are extremely relaxing, I always nod off!!
Very approachable, nothing is too much trouble. She is always on hand and flexible. 
My life style has completely changed as a result of the advice Hayley has given, I've managed to loose a few pounds and look after me. I see my skin as an investment, and look after it. Wearing sun protection and taking care in the sun, decreasing my risk of skin cancer. 
A very positive and healthy mind and body has been achieved. Thank you xxx

Jane Ackrill

I'm a fairly new convert to Dermalogica products, and have been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products and the rapid results they have delivered. Hayley is exceptionally knowledgeable about skincare generally and about the products she offers. She quickly helped me to feel at ease when I went for my treatment and the experience was relaxing, enjoyable and educative. Highly recommended on both product and service.

Helen Hobart

Hayley offers a wonderful experience - fantastic facials - wonderful pedicures - lovely manicures - excellent back massage - top lady - top products - highly recommended

Karen Cottrell

I was very sceptical before I went to see Hayley. I have had problems with my skin all my adult life and have not been seen without my make up for over 20 years. But Hayley did a thorough examination of my skin, she found out how I reacted to different products, then she worked out the most fantastic skincare regime based on my results. I noticed a difference almost immediately and within a few weeks my skin looked healthy, glowing and, above all, clear. I hardly wear make up at all now and I feel confident and happy in my own skin. I have learned that if Hayley says I should use something, it's with good reason. It's because she knows it will work on my skin. And it does. Thank you Hayley.

Karen Joseph

"I always look forward to my treatments with Hayley as not only do they give fantastic results she makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and happy in your own skin. As well as being a consummate professional, her friendly and expert approach make her invaluable to my own self care. A woman who knows and understands women, her advice whether on skin care, health and any lifestyle issue is always valued. Thank you Hayley!"

Jane Lawrence

I have been working with Hayley for approximately 16 months now and my business is slowly growing.I have gained so much personally since working alongside Hayley, how to manage my stress levels, to listen to my body more and make sure I am keeping up my self care. Which has now become part of my every day routine.

My main accomplishment working with Hayley is my confidence levels. I am happy to take my self out of my comfort zone to enable myself to grow both personally and in my business.

Hayley is a very inspirational lady, that oozes beautiful energy, she is supportive. Though she will push you and encourage you to do tasks for yourself.

However if you are having a hard day, low energy or struggling for whatever reason, she will really try to pick you up & put you back on the right track.

Amanda Whitehead
MBS Calm Holistics

I have been woking with Hayley for well over a year and have followed Hayley's method to stream line and restructure my business. Previous to this I had lost my work life balance and direction.

These new ways of working allowed me to structure my business to work smart, this resulted in increasing my prices and to only do skin treatments and massage which are my two passions. I now allow myself more time with my clients, which encourages them to purchase more products and always rebook their treatments. 

Personally, Hayley has encouraged me to realise that I am important, I need to love myself and believe in myself so I can move forward with more ease and flow working smart. I resisted to start with, however once I flowed and believed, it happened.

Having self belief and business structure, I moved from a small rented business premises and purchased a Georgian house and turned it into a 7 treatment well-being clinic. I am the consultant in the clinic and work with the MBS standards. My staff see how this formula is working therefore it inspires them to learn and develop their ways from it.

Jo Esdale
Essential Well-Being

Hayley Supports and encourages me to fully own my self worth around my knowledge and experience and from this I charge for my business services accordingly.

Hayley has helped me to understand that success in business and all areas of my life start with the relationship with myself therefore it is a necessity to look after my own self care. The results I am experiencing from this is I feel more calm and have more harmony around my life and business.

Hayley is very knowledgeable, always here to help me and has an amazing approach which is ‘What you see is what you get’!

Dominika Stanislawska
Solea Beauty

Working with Hayley has supported and encouraged me to hold the space and to step up from practitioner to mentor and coach.

Personally she has helped me to walk my talk and put myself first to be able to serve others from this place.

One of my highlights has been writing an article for a magazine.

Thank you for your motivation and inspiration.

Estelle Lloyd Thurman
TLC Group

Working with Hayley has helped me to become more disciplined with my working hours  and I feel I have more control around my business.

 I personally now have a more relaxed approach to my work/life balance and therefore I feel less stressed which allows me a better quality home life. 

My life in general is more organised and I have more quality time for myself and my life.

Jill Matthews
Nu-Yu Advanced Skin Solutions


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