The MBS LifeStyle Academy

Welcome to The MBS LifeStyle Academy for Real Women!

The MBS Lifestyle Academy  is about caring for yourself and allowing yourself to take graceful, compassionate and real smart action around your health, wellness and happiness. Ultimately finding and being your unique, authentic, real best version of yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually.

MBS living is a lifestyle choice which brings love, hope and encouragement into all areas of your life. It’s impossible to live your life to the full from an empty and unhealed heart.  Your healthiest, happiest and best self starts with the relationship you have with yourself!

The MBS Lifestyle Academy is the shining light to attract women who would like to and are ready to fill their hearts full of love. We support your transition from A heart depleted ~ to ~ A heart full of unconditional love ~ to ~ A heart overflowing with love ~ in all areas of your life.

This is where the magic happens and this is a woman’s real freedom…..its time to journey ladies.

I will take you all on a bespoke journey of self care to self love and on to experience real freedom. To Ultimately live your life with more harmony, joy and abundance in ALL areas of your life!

Are you ready for the journey of your life?


Fabulous ~ please join my ‘Let’s keep connected’ list below and be sure to add your details, so I can update you with further details and mostly importantly when the Academy is open to join!

I’m so excited

Happy healthy blessings.

Hayley Lloyd Wilkins. MBS Lifestyle Brand Founder.


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