Your Health in Harmony with

Your Skin, Hormones & Health

I help and guide high~functioning, multi~tasking, over~tired, low~energy, low~ mood, over~busy, women with weight issues, who are hormonally challenged with skin problems and health concerns.
Who need to build their confidence and self~esteem by creating kind sustainable health~care/self~care changes that are realistic, unique and individual to their health and lifestyle.


Spotlight on Menopause Skin & Health~Care Matters

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I have created a series of complimentary guides to support women at any stage of their unique and very individual Skin and Health Menopause Journey.

Your Skin in Harmony with your Health & your unique Menopause Journey

Your skin can be one of the first areas that starts to show you’re entering into the menopause.
Your skin is the largest organ of your body and is the window to WholeBody wellness.

I am unique, and so are you...

I am a certified health coach with extra certification in Women’s Hormones, Gut Health and The Psychology of Emotional Eating. I am also a Skin Specialist and Holistic practitioner. My guidance is based not only on all my years of work and training but also from my own personal life experiences and those of my clients.

 We are real women with busy lives. We may know what we need to do to be healthier and happier but life gets in the way. It distracts us from looking after ourselves. Here, I will guide you towards your unique version of Harmonious Health, one step at a time.

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I invite you to sign up to my free ‘Spotlight’ on Menopause Skin & Health~Care Guides

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My Happy Clients!

"I am incredibly grateful for Hayley’s support, guidance and friendship, and I highly recommend Hayley to other women"
Deborah Sims
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