About Me

Hi, I’m Hayley, a certified IIN Health Coach with specific experience in advanced coaching skills, hormones, gut health, skin issues, self~care and emotional eating.
My role as a health coach is to complement the work of health care professionals by filling a void in the current health care system. To offer support and guidance to clients who have medical conditions or health care problems that need to make Health~Care/Self~Care and lifestyle changes.
A client navigating a health care condition can be scary and overwhelming, the support from a health coach through this experience can greatly support positive outcomes

The primary responsibilities of a health coach include

  • Listening attentively to clients.
  • Asking powerful and illuminating questions.
  • Creating a safe, nonjudgmental space for clients to access and work through their deeply held emotions and beliefs.
  • Taking a client focused approach to support and encourage them to take responsibility for setting realistic health care intentions and driving the process.
  • Guiding clients to identify obstacles related to health and wellness and creating foundations that promote their overall health and well~being.
  • Kindly and respectfully challenging clients to shift their perspective, discover new opportunities and release limiting beliefs that don’t support them.
  • Encouraging and empowering clients to tap into their resources, personal strengths, values, insight, and intuition.
  • Compassionately holding clients accountable for their progress.

A health coach provides

  • Emotional support
  • A safe space for the client to be heard
  • A source of encouragement
  • A place to brainstorm
  • Try new perspectives and help with implementation

How I guide clients with their health concerns

  • Brainstorming healthy food choices and meal ideas with foods they can eat.
  • Providing basic education around supplements.
  • Checking in on their understanding of and feelings around a treatment protocol
  • Helping clarify client intentions and interests.
  • Supporting clients to feel heard and valued.
  • Helping clients explore and nourish their sources of self~care.
  • Encouraging clients to build a healthy best friend relationship with themselves.
I invite you to learn more about how you can work with me HERE

My Happy Clients!

"Hayley’s ability to ask the right questions (often tough questions) guided me to reflect on my life on a much deeper level, which was critical to living my life in true alignment, both personally, professionally and with my self~care."
Jan Roberts
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