Harmonious Health Is

Harmonious Health Is

Harmonious Health Is ~ 

Finding your unique version of sustainable healthy lifestyle habits and choices that realistically work for you and your life.

Harmonious Health Is

Harmonious Health Is ~ 

Healthy choices that support your Unique experience of Health~Care/Self~Care/Weight~Care in alignment with your individual lifestyle needs and requirements.

Harmonious Health Is

Harmonious Health is ~

The ‘How To’ ~ Be Your ‘Self’ Best Friend Method ~ your number one ‘self’ supporter, encourager and healthy lifestyle, realistic, habit action taker!

Harmonious Health Is

Harmonious Health is 

When we’re going through challenging Health~Care/Self~Care/Weight~Care lifestyle situations it’s very easy to be your own Worst Enemyinstead of your ‘Self’ Best Friend.

Harmonious Health Is

Oftentimes, we take The ‘Own Worst Enemy’ approach of ~

~ Unkindness 

~ Self~judgement

~ Criticism

~ Blame

~ Shame

~ Guilt

~ Unworthiness

~ Procrastination 

~ Distraction 

Harmonious Health Is

Are You?

~ Living with a Health~Care challenge?

~ Adapting to medication?

~ Going through a season of Health~Care/Self~Care/Weight~Care changes?

~ Waiting for a Health~Care diagnosis?

~ Trying to design a new way of living with new lifestyle habits that you can stick to?

~ Struggling with emotional eating patterns?

Harmonious Health Is

Are you finding that?

~ You don’t know how or where to start making changes?

~ You can’t see how you will find the time or energy to start new habits?

~ You feel stuck or paralysed around taking or making any lifestyle adjustments?

~ You’re trapped in a vicious circle of guilt, shame and unhelpful thoughts?

~ You feel sad, lonely and lost?

~ You know in your heart you want change but Just Can’t Start?

Harmonious Health Is

Here’s my solution 

Your Health in Harmony is a like a Best Friend nudge that gently and compassionately encourages you to ~

1 Meet yourself where you’re at with your Health~Care/Self~Care/Weight~Care

2 Take some time to Re~Connect back to yourself and say “Hello” to your ‘Self’ Best Friend (she’s always been there but you’ve just lost touch)

3 Take some quiet ‘Me’ time to familiarise yourself with that kind, supportive and encouraging ‘Self’ Best Friend.

💡Once you begin to start caring for yourself and understand the negative beliefs and behavioural patterns that are sabotaging your healthy ‘Self’ Best Friend Relationship. 

💡You start to treat yourself very differently. Your attitudes and outlook begin to change. You start to live with more awareness and begin to accomplish your Unique Version of Harmonious Health.

🎉Your transformation can be quite dramatic and life changing. 

Harmonious Health Is

When you’re ready it’s time to ease in and gently start.

No Forcing ~ No Pushing ~ No Rushing

Harmonious Health Is

❤️Your Invitation to Harmonious Health Starts HERE ➡️ ://hayleylloydwilkins.com/your-health-in-harmony/

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