Health~Care/Self~Care Reset Sessions

Do you need a Health~Care/Self~Care Reset? 

Sometimes, you just need someone to come alongside you to view things from a different and fresh prospective. To shine a light and give you some space to find your clarity. Then gently guide you in a new direction

Your solution ~ My Health~Care/Self~Care Reset Sessions

Who is this for?

This is for you if:

You’re feeling stuck and don’t know where to start with making changes to your health care.

You’ve lost your zest, mojo and vital energy. 

You haven’t got the energy to commit to a Health Care Programme ~ the idea just evokes feelings of fear,  overwhelm and lack.

You need someone to listen to your individual health care challenges and guide you towards more clarity and harmony on how you can start  to make small realistic change.

Require flexible, simple and real support and guidance.  

What’s the investment?

30 minutes ~ £95

60 minutes ~ £175

90 minutes ~ £250

Are Ready? Press the Reset Button below to connect with me and let’s start Your Unique Health~care/Self~Care Reset

Health Care Reset Sessions

My Happy Clients!

"Hayley has been an incredible guide, mentor, coach, and cheerleader, and she has helped me to gain such a clear vision of my health, self~care, personal and career goals"
Jill Rogers
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