Welcome to The Menopause Skin & Health Clinic. Tamworth, Staffordshire,UK

The primary purpose of The Menopause Skin & Health Clinic is finding solutions for your current Menopause Skin & Health concerns.

Future Proofing The Long~Term Health & Harmony of your Hormones, Mind, Body & Skin.

Offering Healthy Ageing Menopause/Hormone Therapy, Solutions, Treatments, Guidance and Coaching.

How you can work with me

I offer Flexible options to work with me that are designed for your unique individual Menopause/Hormone requirements, time and budget.

I work In~Person or On~Line from my Private Consultancy Clinic in Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK.

Option 1 ~ Specialist Skin and Health in the Menopause coaching and guidance sessions.

Perfect if you’re feeling confused and have questions around how to start and begin to care for your skin and health through your menopause journey.
Ideal if you’re experiencing skin problems and challenges which are making you feel unhappy, effecting your confidence and self~esteem.
Maybe you just want to talk about your menopause, your health and finding work~life harmony. How it’s impacting the different areas of your life.
This is an informal, friendly and relaxed opportunity to discuss your skin, health and your unique menopause experience with someone who cares and understands menopause skin and health from the inside out.
I can help you find your unique solutions to your individual challenges.

Available On~Line or In~Person

30 minutes £95
60 minutes £150
90 minutes £175

Option 2 ~ Your Skin in Harmony with your Health and your Menopause/Hormone Journey

The foundations of your skin health is the starting point to treating menopause skin with hormonal fluctuations.
It’s crucial to establish the health of your skin first, from the inside out. Most importantly the condition and health of your facial muscles. They support the structure and delivery system of vital nutrients to the surface of your skin which impacts the appearance and texture.
I encourage a skin kindness approach which supports long ~term consistent skin health to everything I do, over fuelling surface short~term skin perfection which only increases women’s insecurities.
I work with your skin and not against it and teach you how to do the same at home.
The products I use and recommend are all menopause specific and contain ingredients that support healthy long term skin health results.
The products are PETA cruelty free ( not tested on animals or use ingredients that have been tested on animals) formulated without parabens and artificial fragrance. They are water based for optimum efficacy and designed to work with home care facial modalities to enhance optimum skin health results.
Facial skin care appliances/modalities are an integral part of my Menopause Specialist Skin Treatments. Used to power boost cleansing, exfoliation and microcurrent muscle health rejuvenation. I also highly recommend to my clients for their Menopause home care routines .
They have been purposely designed to work with my recommended Menopause specific skin~care products to maintain and further improve optimum skin health results.
I design Bespoke AM, PM and Weekly Home Care routines that incorporate both products and modalities individual to your unique skin, menopause journey and lifestyle requirements.

Options on how I can work with your skin

I offer Bespoke Specialist Menopause Specific Skin Treatment Sessions (incorporating my unique method The Art of Self~Caring for your skin)
First session consult & treatment £250
Follow up treatment session £175
~ Menopause Specific Skin~Care Products Consults
30 minutes £95
~ Menopause Specific Facial Appliances /Modalities Consults
30 minutes £95
All Sessions by Appointment Only. Available On~Line or In~Person

Contact me HERE to arrange an appointment, for more info or if you have any questions.


The Menopause Skin & Health Coach

Learn more on how I work with Menopause Skin and Health HERE

My Happy Clients!

"Hayley has been an incredible guide, mentor, coach, and cheerleader, and she has helped me to gain such a clear vision of my health, self~care, personal and career goals"
Jill Rogers
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