Menopause Skin

Your Skin in Harmony with your Health and your unique Menopause Journey

Your skin can be one of the first areas that starts to show you’re entering into the menopause.
Your skin is the largest organ of your body and is the window to WholeBody wellness.
The surface of your skin shows what is happening on the inside.
If your hormones are out of balance this can show up on your skin (face and body) as challenges, issues and problems eg
~ Redness and sensitivity
~ Dehydrated patches of fine surface lines/wrinkles
~ Dry, flaky and peeling skin
~ Loss of firmness and plumpness
~ Breakouts, congestion and acne
~ Eczema, psoriasis and rosacea
~ Pigmentation
~ Rashes and itchy skin
~ Dull and lack lustre appearance
What is crucial is how you care for the health of your skin. It is an inside/outside connection, finding the harmony between the two.
Outside Skin Health
~ The relationship you have with the appearance of your skin ~ how you view it, your inner ‘self chat’ and how you self~care for it. I view this as My ‘Self’ Best Friend Approach!
~ The type and quality of skin care products you use.
~ How you apply, connect and fully engage with yourself through using your skin care products supports you to experience the healing power of touch

** Self~Connection

** Self~Soothing

** Self~Regulation

~ The best time to use your skin care products to obtain optimum skin health results.
Inside Skin Health
~ Healthy food choices.
~ The quality of the food.
~ Supplements
~ Sleep, rest and relaxation
~ Gut health
~ Immune system health
~ Nervous system regulation
~ Stress
~ Anxiety
~ Weight care
I’m Hayley Lloyd Wilkins a Skin Specialist and Women’s Health Coach with extra education in Women’s Hormone Health, Gut Health and Psychology of Emotional eating.
I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the last 30 years and I am bringing all my personal experiences, wisdom and learnings and that of my clients to help you.

The skin is the gateway to WholeBody wellness it’s a process that brings you back home to your real healthiest self.

I call this my Harmony Spot, a reset point of space, peace and stillness!

This process perfectly supports your unique Menopause Journey towards experiencing your skin and health in harmony with your hormones.
Fully immersing yourself into daily Self~Caring, Skin~Care rituals that ultimately support your unique REAL* healthiest self.
A bespoke personalised Self~Caring, Skin~Care regimen crafted for your skin’s specific and unique requirements is a potent practice that starts a healthy, harmonious and productive day ~ concluding with a restorative, peaceful and healing sleep.
I have designed and created a process ~ The Healing Art of Self~Caring for your skin that
~ Hydrates
~ Nurtures
~ Nourishes you from the Inside ~ Out.
It’s a Skin Health, Self~Care Lifestyle Journey that works in alignment with the energetic flow of the seasons and most importantly in alignment with the ebb and flow of your hormones.
It’s an elegant and graceful life changing practice to master that encourages and supports women to experience Self~Love a Woman’s REAL*Freedom.
*Respecting yourself
Embracing ALL that you are
Accepting fully your true unique self
Loving the skin you are in with confidence
All areas of your life will be positively impacted from this ‘feel good’ ~ elevated place.
I call it the ‘Self’ Best Friend Approach cultivating
~ Self~Kindness
~ Self~Acceptance
~ Self~Compassion
Ultimately the relationship with yourself through how you self care for your skin.
Healthy lifestyle habits and choices naturally emerge more easily and automatically from this more harmonious place.
Options to work with me
Option 1 ~ Professional Skin in the Menopause Chats on line.
Perfect if you’re feeling confused around how to care for your skin through your menopause journey.
Ideal if you’re experiencing skin problems and challenges which is making you feel unhappy, effecting your confidence and self~esteem.
This is an informal, friendly and relaxed opportunity to discuss your skin and the menopause with someone who cares and understands skin from the inside out.
You will receive guidance, more clarity and understanding on your unique skin and the impact the menopause has on you and your skin.
I will advise a simple plan on how to start self~caring for your skin in alignment with your hormones and unique menopause journey.
30 minutes £95
60 minutes £150
90 minutes £175
Option 2 ~ Your Skin in Harmony with your Health and the Menopause ~ 4 week programme on line.
Perfect for you if you’re stuck at a crossroads with the menopause, your hormones, skin and it’s negatively impacting your life!
How this programme works
~ Consultation questionnaire for you to complete.
~ Week 1 Menopause Skin session to establish your personalised Self~Caring Skin Regimen and specifically what products align to your unique skin requirements.
  • All your recommended skin care products are included in the investment of this programme and will be sent directly to you after your first session.
Week 2 ~ Connecting and learning about your products.
Week 3 ~ Introducing The Healing Art of Self~Caring for your Skin through Your Unique Menopause Journey.
Week 4 ~ Learning how to embrace your ‘Self’ Best Friend Approach ~ your supporter and encourager through and beyond your Menopause Journey.
Plus we will be looking at caring for your skin from the inside and what this personally looks like for you and your specific menopause journey, health and lifestyle.
Investment for the complete programme ~ £495 (Includes full size personalised skin care products for your morning and evening self~caring skin regimen)
🌟Contact me here to learn more and how to arrange working with me.

My Happy Clients!

"Hayley has been an incredible guide, mentor, coach, and cheerleader, and she has helped me to gain such a clear vision of my health, self~care, personal and career goals"
Jill Rogers
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