on Women's Health~Care/Self~Care Matters

‘Spot Light’ on women’s Health~Care/Self~Care Matters. 

I invite you to Sign up to connect with me ~ I want to support, encourage and guide you to experience your version of harmonious health.

I will be sharing a regular ‘Spot Light’ on women’s Health~Care/Self~Care Matters. Shining a light and bringing awareness to Health~Care/Self~Care matters that I have personally experienced and struggled/struggling with and that of my clients plus other Health~Care/Self~Care Topics that need women’s attention and focus.

I would also like to share with you a new project I am passionate about ‘shining a light’ on and what will be the foundations for everything I do. 

Introducing ~ The Skin Kindness Movement that promotes Health~Care/Self~Care through The Holistic and Healing Art of Self~Caring for Your Skin. 

Please be assured that when you ‘sign up’ this is to connect with me so I can start to build and understand you and more women. So in the future I can ‘Shine’ that light brightly on women’s Health Matters and make a difference to all of us connected. 

This email connection between us is the foundations. I sincerely look forward to our connection. 

Your Health in Harmony  


My Happy Clients!

" Hayley’s “Keeping it Real” approach to life is so refreshing as she understands the reality of living as a woman who is juggling time for self~care, work and family."
Sarah Jones
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