The Nurturing Menopause Wellness Circle

Menopause/Hormone Health Management requires embracing compassionate living ~ a lifestyle choice  that supports harmonious hormones. 

Healthy management of our mind~wellness, restorative sleep, skin, facial and body muscle health, cortisol, adrenaline, stress and anxiety levels  through healthy self~care lifestyle choices,  rituals, habits and routines. All are crucial to a harmonious menopause experience. 

Ultimately cultivating a loving and kind relationship with yourself. Then from this elevated place of alignment you can make healthy informed lifestyle choices that realistically support your unique individual requirements.

Welcome to the Nurturing Menopause Wellness Circle at the Menopause Skin and Health Clinic Uk!

This is a  nurturing community, brought to you by Hayley Lloyd Wilkins The Menopause Skin Specialist & Women’s Health Coach.  I  recognise the inter~connectedness of the mind, body, skin, and soul during the transformative journey of menopause ~ I call it WholeBody Wellness. 

I’ve created this circle as a sanctuary of tranquility that promotes health and wellness where women come together to support each other’s holistic well-being, drawing from my own personal hormone experiences including challenges of PMS, IVF, and menopause at present, as well as those shared by my clients, friends and women that have crossed my path.

My purpose is to connect with like-minded women to share our collective journey and experiences.

The Energy behind this community is to cultivate a safe and supportive space for women to come together and navigate the complexities of menopause with kindness,  compassion and understanding.

The foundations I focus on is the importance of the skin as it’s  the largest organ of the body, serving as a protective barrier and reflecting our inner health ~ its the window to WholeBody Wellness . 

I will be  prioritising Self~Caring for your skin as an integral part of our holistic approach to menopause wellness, recognising its role in nurturing not only our physical appearance but also our overall well-being ~ from the inside out.

I’ve created a unique method The Art of Self-Caring for Your Skin that supports my personal menopause wellness journey and that of my clients. 

It helps restore  your equilibrium and sense of harmony when your feeling stressed, anxious and out of sorts.

This method goes beyond traditional skincare routines, as it offers bespoke and  personalised rituals and techniques designed  specifically to the needs of menopausal skin. 

By nurturing our skin with this innovative approach, we not only promote its health and vitality but also enhance our sense of self-love, confidence, and well-being. 

This method naturally leads into WholeBody Wellness, soothing our overstimulated nervous systems and how we care for our overall health.

The foundations and focus are  on simplicity and empowerment, as we explore this multifaceted aspects of menopause, skincare, self-care, and WholeBody wellness ~ together.

From enriching skin~care rituals to mindfulness practices, from nourishing WholeBody wellness foods to soul-nurturing activities, this group offers a wealth of knowledge and support.

“I understand the crucial importance of self-care rituals and routines during the menopause transition as these have been my support and sanity throughout my whole hormone wellness journey so far!”

These practices not only nurture the skin but also nourish the soul, providing moments of calm, relaxation ~ 

~ self~connection 

~ self~regulation

~ self~acceptance 

~ self-compassion amidst the changes of this prominent life stage. 

Embracing self-kindness and cultivating a best friend relationship with ourselves are key principles that I want to grow,  cherish and promote within our community.

Whether you’re considering HRT, taking HRT or seeking natural approaches or a healthy blend of both to menopause management, this community is here to provide guidance, support, encouragement.  The resources are here to help you make informed kind, self~empowering  decisions as you navigate your menopause journey with self~love  and confidence.

It’s your unique, individual and  personal journey and your choices are respected.

Join us as we fully embrace and celebrate healthy graceful aging,  self-responsibility, and empower each other to thrive through menopause and beyond, no matter the path we choose. Let’s embark on a transformational journey of self-discovery, self~love,  connection, and radiant well-being together.  This is a woman’s real freedom!

I encourage and invite you to be part of The Nurturing Menopause Wellness Circle ~  Where menopause health and  wellness meets self~love and  empowerment! I look forward to seeing and connecting with you in the group.

Let’s create a healthy, harmonious  menopause wellness lifestyle together that realistically fits in and works for your unique lifestyle requirements.

🌟I invite You to Join The Nurturing Menopause Wellness Circle ⭕️ HERE

❤️I look forward to meeting you inside❤️

Hayley Lloyd Wilkins

Menopause Skin Specialist & Health Coach

@The Menopause Skin & Health Clinic UK

If you have any questions please connect with me here ➡️ 

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