Your Health in Harmony Monthly Health~Care/Self~Care Plan

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Each month you will receive a simple, achievable and realistic Health Care Guide on what you need to do to simply and clearly work towards your unique version of harmonious health.

About the programme

I have purposely designed and created The Monthly Health~Care/Self~Care Plan so it is safe, private, and personal to you.  Communicating with you in this style eradicates both personal and peer pressure, comparing and competing with others.

This communication delivery and style also eliminates the need to engage on social media, as this can be a time drainer and can fuel unhealthy behaviours etc.

This is your individual, unique and holistic healing journey to experience Your version of Harmonious Health.

Who is this for?

Women who want to experience a better quality of life through harmonious health and wellness

Women who are feeling stuck, at a crossroads in life or navigating health or lifestyle challenges.

Women who know they want to make changes but prefer to go at their own pace and in their own time.

Women who would like to learn  how to become their number one best friend for life

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My Happy Clients!

"You would go a long way to find a more genuine, kind, open, lady, with a wicked sense of humour!!!!"
Jane Matthews
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